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    IMG_20171013_103518.jpg Hinh_1.png Gui.png Buon.png Hinh_1.png Hinh_5_Quan_dao_Hoang_Sa.jpg DAO_DUC_1__TIET_2__BAI_14__BAO_VE_CAY_VA_HOA_NOI_CONG_CONG__HINH_6png.jpg Bai_7__hinh_3.jpg DAO_DUC_1__TIET_2__BAI_14__BAO_VE_CAY_VA_HOA_NOI_CONG_CONG__HINH_5png.jpg Bai_7__hinh_2.jpg Bai_7__hinh_1.png DAO_DUC_1__TIET_2__BAI_14__BAO_VE_CAY_VA_HOA_NOI_CONG_CONG__HINH_4png.jpg DAO_DUC_1__TIET_2__BAI_14__BAO_VE_CAY_VA_HOA_NOI_CONG_CONG__HINH_3png.jpg DAO_DUC_1__TIET_2__BAI_14__BAO_VE_CAY_VA_HOA_NOI_CONG_CONG__HINH_2.png DAO_DUC_1__TIET_2__BAI_14__BAO_VE_CAY_VA_HOA_NOI_CONG_CONG__HINH_1.png Bai_6__hinh_4f.jpg DAO_DUC_1__TIET_1__BAI_14__BAO_VE_CAY_VA_HOA_NOI_CONG_CONG__HINH_8png.jpg Bai_6__hinh_4_e.jpg DAO_DUC_1__TIET_1__BAI_14__BAO_VE_CAY_VA_HOA_NOI_CONG_CONG__HINH_7.png Bai_6__hinh_4d.jpg

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    Người gửi: Trần Thị Minh Phương
    Ngày gửi: 21h:11' 16-05-2018
    Dung lượng: 2.5 MB
    Số lượt tải: 150
    Số lượt thích: 0 người
    Full name: ………………………… SUBJECT: ENGLISH 8
    Class: 8A….. Date: ………………….



    I.LISTEN (1.5ms)
    A. Listen and number the picture you hear ( 0.6MS)


    B. Listen and check True/ False: ( 1 MS)


    A. Circle in the best letter a, b, c or d to complete the sentences: (ms)
    1.Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently
    A. finished B. urged C. enjoyed D. performed
    2. ___________ is often called “The windy city ”.
    A. San Francisco B. Chicago C. Hawaii D. Tokyo .
    3. Vietnam is a ________ country.
    A. rice - export B. export- rice C. rice - exporting D. exporting- rice.
    4. Do you mind _____ the window?
    A. to close B. closing C. about closing D. closed
    5. Would you mind_____ I borrowed your dictionary?
    A. if B. when C. that D. Ø
    6.The taxi _____ us to the airport broke down.
    A. take B. takes C. taking D. taken
    7. We _________ dinner when my friends arrived yesterday evening.
    A. was having B. were having C. is having D. are having
    8. The Great Wall in China is one of the seven _________ of the world.
    A. pyramids B. landmarks C. temples D. wonders .
    9. Have you ever been to a __________ festival?
    A. bull-fighting B. fighting-bull C. fight-bull D. bull-fight
    10.Bao is ______________his homework .
    A. always forgetting B. always forget C. always forgot D. forgetting
    11.Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others :
    A .valley B. pyramid C. religious D. century
    12. This exercise ________________carefully by the students
    A. must be done B. did C.must done D. must do .
    13. She asked me _________ to Phong Nha cave
    A. If I go B. If I went C. whether I go D. whether .
    14. Sydney Opera House______________in 1993 .
    A. completes B. was completed C. to complete D. is completed .
    15.Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others :
    A. abroad B. statue C. prison D. building.
    B Supply the correct form of the words in the brackets (0.6m)
    16. They had a …………. time in Ha Noi. (WONDER)
    17. Many …………..come to Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum everyday.(VISIT)
    18. There were three ________________: water - fetching,fire-making and rice- cooking. ( COMPETE)
    19.We often take parting many…………...activities at school. (CULTURE)

    III. READING ( 2.6MS)

    A.Read the passage carefully then fill in the blanks with the words given ( 1.6 ms)

    Tokyo, the (20) ………….. city of Japan, is one of the three (21)…………cities in the world. In the 12th century, Japan’s capital was an inland city named Kyoto. Six hundred (22) ……………...later, many people from Kyoto moved east to a city called Yedo, named it Tokyo, and made this city the capital of all Japan.
    Today Tokyo is a big center for business( 23)………education. It is also a center for religion. It has places of worship for people of (24)…………religions. The Imperial Palace, Tokyo University, the famous Imperial Hotel designed by a well-known American architect Frank Lloyd Wright and many fine shops, (25) …………, restaurants can be found in the capital.
    In downtown Tokyo, many large new (26) ………….made of concrete and steel may be seen. Some of these buildings (27)……….built after the earthquake of 1923. Others were built after World War II.
    B. Read the following passage (1ms)
    Last December our Geography teacher, Mrs. Taylor, took us to Yorkshire on a school trip. We left Liverpool at 8.00 a.m. on Saturday morning and finally arrived
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